2023 | Albertinkatu 12, Helsinki
Mindscape Photo Exhibition
Iiris Sjöblad is a photo artist who got her first camera at the age of 13. Since then, photography has somehow been part of her life, taking different forms from documenting to commercial commissions. Iiris is fascinated by playing with reality and to capturing moments as they seem real at that specific moment. ”I chase moments so I can stop at them. I’ve been doing that for twenty years. I save moments so I can come back to them later. I find peace when I stop to stare. This stare turns into a new reality in my mind, separate from the prevailing world. I press the button and in that second the picture combines me and the world around me. If I don’t have time to stop, it’s a sign to me that I’m going in the wrong direction.” -Iiris Sjöblad
2018 | Suvilahdenkatu 7, Helsinki
Here and There Photo Exhibition
During 2016-2018, Iiris became familiar with film photography. During these years, the significance of the observation of the moment began to emphasize in her mind as the simple, most important element of photography. The exhibition contains visually interesting moments that Sjöblad captures aiming to understand humanity, loneliness, love and life itself. "Sometimes, however, there may be a moment or just a thought that comes up through the picture. After all, feelings are the things that are known within the moment. This will inevitably be projected in to the images. "-Iiris Sjöblad
2014 | Unioninkatu 25, Helsinki
Drunk On Revolution Self Photo Exhibition
Drunk On Revolution presents two emerging artists at a time. In the first exhibition called SELF, the gallery presents two interesting and promising young art photographers: Iiris Sjöblad and Ananya Tanttu. Iiris Sjöblad (b. 1991) has entered the world of art through social media and selfie culture. Her works combine sprawling opulence, the electricity of the digital age and sensitive and honest expression. Despite her young age, Iiris has been photographing for ten years and this is her first exhibition.